Circumnavigating Spitsbergen - In the Realm of the Polar Bear

This Arctic expedition cruise is one of a kind! We plan to sail above 80º N, while circumnavigating Spitsbergen under the Midnight Sun. Explore the largest Arctic wilderness in Europe with optional excursions that include hiking, kayaking and traversing a glacier, all with a good chance of spotting the mighty polar bear.
10 days


June 06 - Adventure awaits

June 14

June 22

August 17 - Adventure awaits

One of a Kind

This Svalbard expedition cruise is unique, with a great variety of landing sites and exciting Arctic experiences. We intend to sail above 80º N, with opportunities to hike, kayak and more on land and water.

Above the 80th parallel

The expedition starts by discovering the many attractions in Longyearbyen. Once at sea, we hope to sail well above the 80th parallel to within 600 nautical miles of the geographic North Pole. This Spitsbergen cruise takes in some of the most spectacular highlights of the Arctic. The local flora and fauna are in full bloom, with abundant wildlife like seals, countless seabirds, Arctic fox and reindeer.

King of the North

At the top of the chain, of course, is the mighty polar bear. There´s a good chance that we’ll see some of the polar bears of Svalbard – after all, there are more polar bears than people on the archipelago.  

Summer Showcase of Nature

The Midnight Sun illuminates deep fjords, mighty glaciers and pure wilderness in Svalbard. Beautiful colors contrast the dramatic glaciers, majestic mountains, deep fjords, buzzing bird cliffs and vast arctic tundra teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Our summer journey to Svalbard in the realm of the polar bear is filled with unforgettable experiences.




Hurtigruten offers unique expedition cruises to some of the purest and most remote waters of the world. As with all expeditions, nature prevails. Safety is always our top priority. We continuously evaluate our cruises to adapt to unexpected weather, ice and sea conditions, and exciting nature opportunities. That’s why we call it an expedition.
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  1. From 59º N to 78º N - Oslo / Longyearbyen - Flight & overnight

    Before your evening flight from Oslo to Longyearbyen, spend the day in the museums, parks and cafés of Norway’s capital city. When you arrive in Svalbard, you’ll discover an entirely different world - a small town perched on the edge of vast Arctic tundra. Transfer to your hotel and overnight.

    From 59º N to 78º N - Oslo / Longyearbyen - Flight & overnight
  2. Norwegian Stronghold in the High Arctic - Longyearbyen - Embarkation

    Join an exciting excursion after lunch to get to know this frontier town. The mighty Arctic wilderness dominates life here, but Longyearbyen maintains a lively cultural life and is considered a prime destination for adventure travelers worldwide. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this colorful outpost before boarding your ship, MS Spitsbergen.

    Norwegian Stronghold in the High Arctic - Longyearbyen - Embarkation
  3. Amazing Fjords with Fascinating History - North West Spitsbergen National Park

    Spitsbergen´s northwestern corner is strewn with rugged islands, beautiful fjords and isolated beaches. It is also the site of spectacularly scenic Northwest-Spitsbergen National Park.

    This is true wilderness, so the captain works with the elements to create the best itinerary for your expedition cruise. 

    We hope to visit Kongsfjorden, one of the most beautiful fjord areas in Spitsbergen, where mighty glaciers calve icebergs into the sea, framed by stunning mountains. Another possibility is Ny-Ålesund, an international research center hosting a picturesque mix of old and new buildings.

    Wherever we explore, the expedition team will lead exciting optional ice-cruising and landing activities as we explore further north.

    Amazing Fjords with Fascinating History - North West Spitsbergen National Park
  4. Expedition Days in the Arctic - Eastern Svalbard Nature Reserve

    Eastern Svalbard boasts the highest population of polar bears on the archipelago – and we have high hopes of spotting one on this journey!  The ocean is full of drifting ice, and we intend to cross 80º N if conditions allow. We hope to sail all the way to Sjuøyane (Seven Islands) at the far north of the archipelago.

    Heading south, we will sail through the Hinlopen Strait, where thousands of seabirds mate while walrus dive for clams in the bays.

    We continue towards Edgeøya, the third-largest island in the Svalbard archipelago. On its western shores, the landscape is largely unglaciated, unlike most other places on the eastside of Spitsbergen.

    Expedition Days in the Arctic  - Eastern Svalbard Nature Reserve
  5. National Park Beauty - South Spitsbergen National Park

    We make our way to the southernmost tip of Spitsbergen, where Hornsund hosts a wonderfully varied landscape and geology. Ice pushed into the fjord early in the season attracts polar bears that hunt on the floes, so with a bit of luck, we may spot some of these magnificent predators.

    National Park Beauty - South Spitsbergen National Park
  6. The Wilds of Isfjord - The Isfjord

    We will spend the day exploring the Isfjord, the most prominent fjord system on Svalbard. The immense U-shaped valleys, carved out of the mountains by giant glaciers that covered the area some 10,000 years ago, are home to large populations of Svalbard reindeer.

    The Wilds of Isfjord - The Isfjord
  7. End of the Expedition - Longyearbyen / Oslo - Disembarkation & Flight

    As we sail back into Longyearbyen, enjoy the magnificent surrounding scenery. A transfer vehicle will take you to the airport for your night flight. Arrival early in the morning in Oslo.

    End of the Expedition - Longyearbyen / Oslo - Disembarkation & Flight

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